Most Frequently Asked Questions for Vacuum Home Elevator and Lift

What’s the difference between a Home lift and an Home elevator?

There are no major differences between the two and can be used synonymously. However, the primary difference between these two is their linguistic usage. ‘Lift’ is the British way of pronunciation and ‘Elevator’ is the American way.

Where will we manufacture vacuum elevators?

At Nibav, we have manufacturing units in Australia and India.

What are the common types of elevator in a house?

A home lift should ideally be compact, small, stylish, and easy to install. Although many consider Hydraulic lifts to be home lifts – they are not. Compact Vacuum Elevators, Traction elevators, and Capsule elevators are common types of home elevators that can be installed inside a home.

What Colors Are the Home Elevators Available In?

Nibav Vacuum Home Elevators come in a wide range of color options that can blend with any type of interior decor. Our standard color options come in two colors — Pure White and Cream White. Our aesthetic options come in six colors — Jet Black, Gray, Green, Brown, Red, and Blue. We also have elevators in two premium colors — Gold and Silver.

What is the size of a home elevator?

The sleek compact design of our vacuum Home Elevators only requires 3.3 feet of space.

How much space is needed for a home elevator?

The size of a vacuum Home Elevator is one of the primary reasons why you should consider purchasing one for your home. 1010mm diameter is all the space you need to fit a vacuum elevator in your home. This elevator’s small size ensures that it won’t take up much space in your home.

How much electricity does a home elevator use?

Home Lifts or Vacuum Elevators use only as much as any household appliances require. Since they are plug-and-play elevators, all they need to run is a 220 VAC 25–35 amp single-phase power source. And what’s more? Vacuum elevators are Green elevators that use AIR as their operation technology and use very low power only while ascending.

Is the pneumatic elevator made out of glass?

Pneumatic vacuum Home Elevators are made with special glass material also known as Polycarbonate which is 250 times stronger than glass.

How much does a Home Elevator Cost?

The luxury of a house elevator is now available in every home thanks to Nibav Vacuum Home Elevators. These Economical Home Elevators Begin at 15.3 Million Naira and above.

Can I install a home elevator in my house?

A Home Vacuum Elevator is ideal for your home if you need a small lift for your home. 1010 diameter is all the space you need. And vacuum Home Elevators can be easily installed into any new or existing home because they do not need a pit or a headroom.

Why Choose a Vacuum Home Elevator?

In comparison to other types of Home Elevators, they use vacuum technology to enable a seamless transition between levels while using significantly less energy and space. These elevators use AIR for primary operations and are inexpensive and simple to install, which eliminates all the difficulties associated with installing a conventional lift.

Why should I own an elevator for home use?

The primary benefit that comes with adding a lift inside your home is the safety of your family. If you have old parents or kids living at home you understand the risks involved with climbing up and down the stairs. Apart from safety, adding a home lift also gives you an extra level of comfort — like carrying groceries and weight easily, and it adds more style.

Which elevator will best fit my home?

If you are looking for a lift that is compact, easy to install, and cost-effective you should consider Vacuum lifts for your home. They are not only economical but they are plug and play hence, they eliminate the cost of installation and are extremely low maintenance and can also help you save energy because they are powered by AIR.

Are Nibav Home Elevators safe?

Home elevators by Nibav are CE certified which means they comply with European standards of safety. They come with 4 layers of safety and multiple safety features such as alarm systems, emergency ventilation, LED lights, child switch, door safety switches, and a GSM phone inside the cabin.

How safe are home elevators?

Nibav Vacuum Home lifts use glass made of Polycarbonate for the outside structure and are unbreakable. These lifts are completely safe to use for daily usage because they come with standard equipment like compound breaks, LED, child lock, lights, alarms, and telephone systems.

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